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Extended marketplace module

Extended marketplace module

This module extends the basic marketplace module by:
- adding a horizontal layout option
- adding toggle switches to display price, location and out of stock.

It is a separate module, so it will not overwrite the existing MarketPlace module.

Once uploaded and installed, simply enable the EasySocial Marketplace Extended module and adjust accordingly.

Any ideas for improvements gladly welcomed.

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Nice, simple variation on the default Marketplace module
Marc, on 7th Jul, 2022
Provides a nice alternative layout for viewers with wide-screens, whilst still allowing for the standard marketplace layout. Check it out, it doesn't cost you anything. ...

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Version 1.0.0
Author Marc
Website https://www.designboys.co.za
Support https://www.designboys.co.za/contact-us
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Submitted 13th Sep, 2021
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