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Bold SocialPlus

Bold SocialPlus

Bold SocialPlus is a Professional Responsive Social Networking template for Joomla!

It is well suited for any kind of website, specially for Social/Community/Forum, Blog, Corporate, Business, Portfolio ... and much more! It also features the best Joomla extensions from StackIdeas: Easysocial 3.0.x, EasyBlog 5.2.x, EasyDiscuss 4.1, ConverseKit and Komento.

Some key features:
- Unique & Beautiful design
- Support latest version of Joomla 3.9 +
- Fully responsive
- Fully support latest versions of StackIdeas' set: EasySocial 3.x, EasyBlog 5.2, Komento, ConverseKit
- 7 color themes

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Reviews (4)

Excellent support, beautiful theme!
czy87553, on 29th Jan, 2019
I wanted to thank for all the help and kind support I received. CMSBold helped me with installing all additional modules and everything works great. The template is beautiful and responsive, I am very satisfied....

Our pleasure! Thanks for using our product!!!

— Reply from owner on Tuesday, 29 January 2019
Sweet Template, Awesome Support
Design, on 29th May, 2017
This template offers a slick, modern design that makes it easy to transform your Stackideas components into a vibrant social network. As one of the few template providers specializing in Stackideas components, CmsBold provides leading-edge designs for community and intranet websites. Customer support is fast and responsive, and I look forward to discovering their future designs....

Thank you very much for your kind words!

— Reply from owner on Tuesday, 06 June 2017
Regards my previous comments
Artur Kania, on 18th May, 2017
The template overall look faded because wrong color matching for example: light gray fonts on white background doesn't look very sharp, ( i did mention above poor resolution ) what do i mean: blurring effect, if colors customization will be available on this template no problem at all, if not i am very disappointed. Because i do like this template just need some improvement that`s all Arthur ...

Hi Artur,

These stuffs (color, font, etc...) of template can be customized easily. We offer a 100% money back guarantee so feel free to give it a try to have a closer look at the template, in case that you need any helps, pls reach us via live chat system on https://www.cmsbold.com/ or skype: cmsbold for direct message.

Warm regards

— Reply from owner on Friday, 19 May 2017
Bold SocialPlus need some improvment
Artur Kania, on 18th May, 2017
I just want to buy this new template but after having looked on demo, i just held back because resolution of template is very poor, also that big colorful dot when you changing a pages is awful, no documentations available regards customization whatsoever. ...

Hi Artur Kania,

Bold SocialPlus template fully supports responsive layout (desktop/tablet/mobile), I'm not quite sure of 'resolution of template' mean here. And for the page loading icon (the big colorful dot), there is a settings in template so you can easily enable/disable. The documentation is being updated.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions so we could have chance to work together.


— Reply from owner on Thursday, 18 May 2017

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Version 1.0.9
Author CmsBold
Website https://www.cmsbold.com/joomla-templates/bold-socialplus
Support https://www.cmsbold.com/support-forum/categories/joomla-templates/bold-socialplus
Support is provided by the respective developer.
Updated 12th Sep, 2019
Submitted 15th May, 2017
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