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HikaShop App

HikaShop App

HikaShop application is to integrate with EasySocial.
- Add new product via Easysocial story form
- Render products list in profile
- Generate stream item when user added product
- Generate stream item when user placed an order

- You will need Easysocial v2.0.11 and above.
- You will need HikaMarket installed on your Joomla.
- Has HikaShop plugin installed on your Joomla. You can find the plugin in our App store for free. Plugin can be downloaded for free from https://stackideas.com/apps/item/3376-hikashop-plugin

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Reviews (5)

Bruce Wayne, on 20th Apr, 2019
Hi, Is there a demo site that I can see this in action?...

Hello Bruce, we don't currently have a demo site for this as we do not have the authorization from Hikashop to install their extensions on our demo sites.

— Reply from owner on Sunday, 21 April 2019
I can't install throu the package
yuna cho, on 11th Jan, 2018
error message is : can't find install package. 설치 패키지 찾기불가...


You are probably installing this in Joomla Extensions. You need to install it via the application installer under EasySocial.

— Reply from owner on Thursday, 11 January 2018
Support for Easysocial points
Danny Grønbech, on 13th Dec, 2017
Can the shop use Easysocial points or just Hika and Alpha ?...

Hey Danny,

It's primarily used for hikashop listing of items and posting of items. It doesn't use points for purchases.

— Reply from owner on Wednesday, 13 December 2017
Great App
KT, on 31st May, 2017
Yes, I would also like to see Hikashop or any other shopping cart be able to use easysocial points for payment. Otherwise, what good are the easysocial points anyway - except to look at... right!?...
Support payment gateway
Денис Миронов, on 11th Apr, 2017
Are you planning to support the EasySocial Points payment gateway?...

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Version 2.1.5
Author Nik Faris
Website http://stackideas.com
Support http://stackideas.com/forums
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Updated 2nd Jun, 2022
Submitted 15th Feb, 2017
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