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HikaShop App

HikaShop App (v2.0.2)

HikaShop application is to integrate with EasySocial.
- Add new product via Easysocial story form
- Render products list in profile
- Generate stream item when user added product
- Generate stream item when user placed an order

- You will need Easysocial v2.0.11 and above.
- You will need HikaMarket installed on your Joomla.
- Has HikaShop plugin installed on your Joomla. You can find the plugin in our App store for free. Plugin can be downloaded for free from https://stackideas.com/apps/item/3376-hikashop-plugin

Version 2.0.2
Website URL http://stackideas.com
Support URL http://stackideas.com/forums (Support will be provided by the application or plugin developer)
Compatibility 2.0.x
Last Updated 1st Mar, 2017
Submitted 15th Feb, 2017
Views 437
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