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Stream Anywhere Module

Stream Anywhere Module

This module can be placed anywhere on the site and it generates activities that are tied to the page that is being viewed.

Whenever anyone posts a status update or generate rich media contents from the module, the activities would only appear on the page and also within EasySocial's activity stream as well.

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Not really obvious what this does!
Jay, on 22nd Jun, 2018
I agree with other comments that I have no clear idea what this is supposed to do. I went to the demo site but nothing there that seems to link to seeing what this (and other) apps do....
Please make a demo.
Emil Appelkvist, on 23rd Nov, 2017
You guys should put up a demo for this. Its very hard to know what you are buying....

Thanks, we will publish another site with our demo addons soon.

— Reply from owner on Thursday, 23 November 2017
Can this module show activity streams from Groups?
LAC Webadmin, on 10th Jul, 2017
Hi! I don't think I understand how this module works, can you further explain please. Based on the description, what I understand is the module will show the Stories box so users can posts anything that relates to the page where it shows, right? In my previous posts, my question really is if this modules can be use to pull activity streams from selected Group/s, Page/s, or Event/s and show it in any webpages within the website. Can this module do that? Thanks!...

You can post your questions on our forums and we'll be glad to help you out :)

— Reply from owner on Friday, 14 July 2017
Does this module work on Groups as well?
LAC Webadmin, on 7th Jul, 2017
Is this exclusive for Pages only? What about Groups?...

This is not exclusive for pages or groups. This module allows it to work on any page of your Joomla site :) and it isn't tied to any group or pages.

— Reply from owner on Saturday, 08 July 2017
Best app so far
Sabih, on 27th Apr, 2017
Finally EasySocial really connects to any component and any content with this app. I am glad to have this one!...

Thank you Sabih :)

— Reply from owner on Wednesday, 03 May 2017

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