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AutoTweetNG for EasySocial plugin

AutoTweetNG for EasySocial plugin (v8.9.0)

AutoTweet NG Free is a Joomla! extension to automate post publishing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. **AutoTweet-EasySocial** plugin integrates EasySocial, the best social networking extension for Joomla!, with Joomla! and AutoTweet.

**AutoTweet-EasySocial** plug-in allows to directly auto-post activity from EasySocial to all social networks.

For starters, when an user creates a EasySocial activity (content item), AutoTweet Free, integrated via **AutoTweet-EasySocial** plugin, generates a content request and auto-tweets a message to the enabled social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

AutoTweet NG Free and EasySocial have a set of features for seamless automated auto-posting in a straightforward way.


* New or updated activities are published to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
* New or updated stories are published to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
* New or updated events are published to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
* Autopublish / Manual approval
* Numbers of characters restriction
* Message Format: Title, and Image
* Show URL
* Use title or text
* Advanced: Source for title/text, Metakey/Tag count, Static text, and Position for text.

Version 8.9.0
Author Anibal Sanchez
Website URL https://www.extly.com/autotweetng-plugins/autotweetng-for-easysocial-plugin.html
Support URL https://support.extly.com (Support will be provided by the application or plugin developer)
Compatibility 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x 1.3.x 1.4.x
Last Updated 22nd Nov, 2016
Submitted 26th Jan, 2016
Views 1534
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