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The most comprehensive Invitations system for Joomla with OAuth Contact Import, automated intelligent invites, rich invite content, tracking, points integration, reminders and much much more !!

InviteX was written with a very clear goal in mind - Help site administrators increase their site visitors and members using Viral Invitations. We can easily say that InviteX is the best invitation tool-set available for Joomla today. We not only give the best tools to help users import contacts and send invitations via email and private messaging, but also give some great features like rich content to improve the conversion rates of your invitation as well as automated invitations and reminders.

1. Registration Invitations with support for multiple Registration Systems. This includes Joomla Registration, EasySocial, Payplans & Virtuemart.
2. Invitex Anywhere - Send Invites for Anything - Not Just registration. Create highly configurable Invite types and use the full power of Invitex to send Invites for virtually anything - Groups, Events, Joomla Articles, A Custom component page.
3. Awesome Manual Invitations interface: A easy & intuitive way for letting users manually enter email addresses to invite with quick validation to ensure correct entry.
4. OAuth API integration for Contact import from Major Email Services and Social Networks. This includes support for - Gmail, Hotmail (Windows Live Mail) , Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Batching in loading contacts & in sending invites even for Social Networks means that users can invite many at a time without hitting API limits.
5. Invite via URL: Users have a choice to send invites via a unique URL and also track all invites and sign-ups via this invitation.
6. CSV Imports:Instead of manually inviting contacts one by one, users can import contacts in bulk by uploading a CSV file with contact data.
7. Name Cards: Great looking name cards with various formats, given to users as widgets to promote the site on their blogs etc.
8. Open Inviter Integration ( Not covered in support)
9. Invite Only Registration: Maintain exclusivity by restricting new invitations to be only via invitation.
10. Invitation During Registration
11.Auto Connect Successful Invitees: Using EasySocial ? The inviter or the invitee shall be automatically connected as friends.
12. Quick Contact Search on Import: People having huge contact list can now search their contacts easily on quick contact search on import.
13.Intuitive Imports View with Photos and Names: Using Native APIs we get Names and Photos of contacts which makes the view rich and comfortable for end user.
14. Invitation Tracking and Re Sending Invites: Users will be able to see invite statistics and resend invites.
15. Domain Limitations on Invitation emails: Restrict invitations to emails of specified domains.
16. Find Friends : The Invitation process helps you find your friends who are already on the site.
17. Invitation Limits: Admin can choose invitation limits to avoid system abuse or use as a reward.
18. Batch Processing for Emails : You can configure Invitex to send invitations in batches by setting a batch size and configuring the Invitex cron. This wil help you stay within limits for email sending on shared hosts.
19. Stats Dashboard: The site admins are given comprehensive and useful invitation statistics via a great looking dashboard in the admin area.
20. Reward your users with Points Integration: Invitex integrates with Easysoical points as well as Alpha user points allowing you to allocate points to both the Inviter and Invitee when they send invites and sign up respectively.
21. Monetary Rewards via Affiliate systems Integration: Give your users monetary rewards by using the Invitex integrations with various affiliate systems
22. Manual and Automated Invitation Reminder: Users invite and forget, so invitex sends follow up invitation automatically.
23. Intelligent Automated Invitations: Invitex can send automated invitations to people that are likely to have their friends on your site.
24. People Who Have Invited You: Invitex will show people who have invited you to date to sign up on this site.
25. Rich Invitation Content using J!MailAlerts plugins: Invitex allows you to add rich dynamic and relevant content in your Invitation emails by using the J!MailAlerts Integration. This can be latest news on the site, latest users, latest Photos etc.
26. Personalize Invites with Data Tags: Customizable Email content and Subject. You can also use data tags to increase the personalization of your email.
27. Monetize your Invites with SocialAds Integration: Ability to insert Ads in emails via SocialAds and Monetize your Invitation emails
28. Invite Unsubscribe: Let users unsubscribe from receiving invitations from your site.
29. Detailed Configuration of Default Invitations and Types: Admins have full control on how default Invitations as well Invitation types should be use
30. Configurable Templates for HTML as well as text: Regular Invitations, Invitation types, reminders - basically all emails and content that Invitex will send is completely customisable and configurable by using templates
31. Google Analytics Integration : Invitex can be configured to add google analytics tracking code to all links, so you can stay updated and keep a track of how much traffic its bringing you.
32. Tight Social Integration with EasySocial.
Use Avatars from the integrated Social network, Integrate Invitex activities into the activity stream, personalised data, points integrations & more.
33. Custom Landing Page: Content plugin to personalise landing pages for Invitex.
34. Invitation Expiration: The admin can set email invitations to expire after ‘X’ days if he wants to.
35. Developer API: Plugin API for developers to modify content of the invitations on the fly
36. Native API Plugins: Develop your own native API plugins to import contacts using our Social Plugins API from networks using OAuth or similar methods
37. Invitex Anywhere API: The Invitex anywhere API can be used to tightly integrate Invitex and full tracking with any application.
38. Bootstrap 3 for Invitex
39. Quick Invitations Module
40. Only Allow registration for Invited Email Address
41. SMS Horizon Plugin
42. List view in admin side for showing stats of "Users Registered using Invite via URL invitation Method"
43. Added consent config for sending invitations and importing the contacts
44. Joomla 3.9.x privacy tools support - New Privacy plugin for Invitex
45. Joomla 3.9.x privacy tools support - New Action log plugin for Invitex
46. Compatible with Joomla 3.10.5, Joomla 4.0.6 and PHP 8.0.5

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Reviews (3)

Great Extension but Needs Work
Nauseous, on 26th Jul, 2017
I'm rating this low since there isn't really a need and not many people even used it. I had the extension on my website with 10M views and no interest. If you have a super busy website then maybe you could try it but currently the business need for this extension is obsolete. I don't think it's useful....
Poorly written, with many bugs and terrible support
KT, on 4th Jul, 2016
Unless you want to write the updates and fix the bugs yourself (every time ES or Joomla has a major update) don't buy invitex. Also, it has really poorly written CSS files that get called up on every single page load, regardless of whether you are on the Invitex page. This slows down the ES component and page speed big-time. I keep hoping that Mark and his crew will eventually build the invite feature in to ES directly. :-)...
This is a plug and play complete app
Vlassis, on 15th Oct, 2015
I purchased, installed and ready to use. Nice and friendly design, perfect support....

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Updated 7th Mar, 2022
Submitted 21st May, 2014
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