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Joocial promotes the Management of your Social Content by creating and delivering messages from your own system. Succeed in managing your social content!

Joocial is the next stage of auto-posting evolution, beyond simply auto-publishing content to a social network.

Joocial speaks up for a unified content strategy in selection, creation, maintenance and distribution over the web. Social channels are integrated to publish rich messages from cohesive sources, in a timely manner, engaging your audience.

Achieve 360-degree social management with Joocial

Joocial builds up on the base of automated auto-posting to supply innovative features for state-of-the-art community management. Joocial basic configuration begins with the same steps than social auto-posting: multiple unlimited channels, requests and posts administration, rules, RSS feeds for article generation and integration with over 50+ Joomla! application extensions.

Once the first stage is completed, the social strategy can take advantage of modern techniques to multiply audience engagement.

In a nutshell: Auto-posting features

- Control Panel: An operative dashboard to have a quick view of your social media actions.
- Social Composer: A supreme editor to create your messages. Composer allows you to take advantage of the designed strategy for automated and manual social posts. Therefore, all social posts follow the same planning to reach a higher degree of consistency.
- Requests and Posts: All activities can be managed and monitored. Requests and posts can easily be canceled, repeated or rescheduled. Rules. To implement a supreme social plan, rules provide a method to organize content, customize and distribute it along heterogeneous social channels. For instance, Joocial can apply rules by category, author, language, words, or regular expressions.
- Channels: Social channels define the main integration area from your content to social networks. In this optimized area, the required authorizations are simply granted according to your account profile.
- Channel types supported in Joocial:
* Facebook Profile, Group, Link, Page, and Photo channels
* Twitter channels
* LinkedIn Profile, Company and Group for Partners channels
* VK Channel Communities (Groups, Pages and Events)
- Extra Social Channels: Apart from the most popular social channels, Joocial provides complementary channels to increase the exposure.
* Blogger
* Tumblr
* Xing
* Telegram
* Medium
* EasySocial
- 50+ Extensions Plug-ins: Joocial plug-in implements the largest Joomla ecosystem hub for social networking. The social hub is outside the range of other sharing solutions, including all plug-ins in a handy package.
- RSS Feeds grabber: To enrich your auto-posting from native content, RSS Feeds grabber provides a boost to social timelines adding complementary posts to the main topics.

Joocial management features

- Second-generation Social Composer
At this instance, Social Composer adds new dimensions to create precise messages according to the designed strategy: media manager, publishing attributes, channel chooser, agenda and repeats.
- Post Management Tools
Social Publish Toobar and Editor Button to define social post properties right in the integrated content source.
- Virtual Manager
High-level virtual assistant to manage when messages are published following a defined agenda or repeats, according to working hours.
- Evergreen messages
If there is no content to be published, virtual assistant can retrieve and republish messages marked as evergreen, depending on frequency.
- Social Tags Plug-ins
Facebook Open Graph and TwitterCard support to automatically add content tags.
- Front-end Community Auto-Posting
Users can enable their social channels to report all user activities to user channels.
- Front-end Jootool
To configure channels and manage content. Collaborators can be organized as authors, editors, publishers and managers.

Version 8.10.3
Author Anibal Sanchez
Website URL
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Compatibility 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x 1.3.x 1.4.x 2.0.x
Last Updated 11th May, 2017
Submitted 9th Apr, 2014
Views 8896
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Best Social Component I've Purchased To Date!
Marcus Palmer, on 29th Apr, 2015
This component made pushing data possible and with ease, the support was prompt and always had a solution for my requirements, there are not enough stars here for me to correctly rate this company and component... Purchase this component if you don't want to spend time and cash messing about. ...


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