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Kunena Plugin

Kunena Plugin

This is a Joomla plugin which needs to be installed via Joomla's Extension Manager. This plugin would enhance Kunena by adding the following integrations with the Kunena forums:

1. Avatars
2. Points System
3. Activity Stream
4. Profile linking
5. Conversations

Reviews (3)

Out of Date
Dennis Hosang, on 10th Jul, 2024
Unfortunatly I believe this is no longer supported. :( which is unfortunate since Joomla is soo much faster than Wordpress...
Mariosgr, on 4th Jul, 2017
with out this kunena and easysocial cant work together...
Good plugin with not working option
romagromov, on 14th Nov, 2016
Thanks option from Kunena does not generates points for user....

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Version 5.1.4
Author Mark
Website https://stackideas.com/
Support https://stackideas.com/forums
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Updated 17th Aug, 2022
Submitted 20th Nov, 2013
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