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A one-page template for events.
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Version 1.0.1
Compatibility Joomla 3.x, 4.x
Last update 19 July 2022
Framework Astroid
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Key Features

Event is a one-page template for events. It works beautifully across different screen sizes and customizable with Astroid Framework. It has been crafted with unprecedented attention to user experience. Whether you're building a conference, event or meetup website, you can be sure that this template will handle all your needs impressively.
Fast Optimized Template
At the time of designing this template, we take care of each and every aspect of the template so your website can load fast.
Astroid Framework
Customize template layout and look with Astroid Framework, which makes it much faster and enhances its robust functioning, which brings easy customization.
Build and edit pages with EasyBuilder drag and drop interface. So it will be easy for you to edit or create new pages for your website.
Dark Layout
To give prominence to the content on the event website, this template comes with the dark color theme.
Multiple Header Variations
Event template comes with multiple header layouts. You can switch to any header any time.
Dedicated Support
We're proud on our support team. If you are facing any issue with template, our technical team is there to help you out.
Highly Customizable with Astroid Framework
Event template is built on top of Astroid Framework which offers tonnes of configurations for the template look and page settings.

You have multiple options for headers, color presets, and many other configuration controls such as typography, layout builder, mega menu, etc.
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Build the page with EasyBuilder
Build the page as you envisioned with the built-in EasyBuilder - a powerful Joomla page builder which lets you create and edit the pages easily with the drag and drop interface.
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Showcase Your Event Speakers to Attract More Attendees
When people register for any event, they first look at what the event is about and who the speakers are. So it is highly recommended to list all your speakers on the front page of your web page.

Event template gives you the power to display speakers with the help of the team element of EasyBuilder.
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FAQ and Gallery page
Add flair to your page design with special EasyBuilder elements like the FAQ and gallery.
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Create Urgency With Countdown
People react fast when they have a fear of missing out. The Event template starts with a hero section which includes information about the event, date, place and countdown timer along with a call to action button.

So with this you can create urgency and sell more tickets for your event or conference.
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Organise Event Conference Sessions, Topics
It is important to display even sessions schedule and what topic will be covered by which speaker at what time.

We have used a special builder element to manage all these. You can display speaker image, speaker name, topic, and time on your webpage. Even it offers you to create a multi day event schedule.
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Dedicated Sponsors Sections with CTA
Sponsors play an important role in the success of your event. Brand sponsor any event or conference because they want to put themselves out there in front of your audience.

So to display sponsors on your event website is important. The Event template comes with a dedicated sponsor section with a call to action from where you can call a brand to sponsor your event.
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Google Maps & Newsletter Signup
Want to display event location on your website with Google maps? We have a dedicated multi location Google map element in EasyBuilder. The element lets you display physical location on your website.

And we have an advanced form builder element which lets you create any kind of form. We have created a newsletter subscription box with the form builder element. You can integrate with any of the email marketing solutions.
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Sneak peek at how the templates look like
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Event Joomla! Template
Event Joomla! Template
Event Joomla! Template
Event Joomla! Template
Event Joomla! Template
Event Joomla! Template
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