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A template for charity, fundraising and non-profit organisations.
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Version 1.0.1
Compatibility Joomla 3.x, 4.x
Last update 19 July 2022
Framework Astroid
Views 3346

Key Features

Desire is a template for charity, fundraising and non-profit organisations. It works beautifully across different screen sizes and customizable.
Responsive Layout
The template can run beautifully on most modern web browsers. It also runs smoothly across any screen sizes or devices.
Astroid Framework
Customize template layout and look with Astroid Framework, which makes it much faster and enhances its robust functioning, which brings easy customization.
News Management
With the help of fully customized Joomla article layouts, it is easy to manage news or blogs on your NGO website.
Clean & Lightweight
Don’t worry about messing it up, this template is well maintained so that it provides clean and faster access to control the site optimization.
Event Management
With the help of DJ-Events Joomla event extension, it is easy to organize and manage event listing on Desire template.
Dedicated Support
We're proud on our support team. If you are facing any issue with template, our technical team is there to help you out.
Customize template look and layout with Astroid Framework
Desire is built on top of Astroid Framework which offers tonnes of configurations for the template look and page settings.

Astroid framework added a powerful admin panel in Desire template where you can build or manage your website layout and assign module positions. Along with layout builder, it has almost every setting you need to optimize your website is available at a single place.
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Manage Your Events with DJ-Events
With the help of Desire, you can manage your event listings and calendar on your website easily. We have integrated DJ-Events Joomla extension to manage event calendar on Joomla website which enables you to create unlimited categories, events, and tags.

  • Event Thumbnail
  • Event Listing Details
  • Front-end management
  • Google maps support
  • Recurring events
  • Images and videos
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Donation Module
Donation module is what a Non profit website required so anyone can make donation to the organization. And we have created an amazing module specially to make donation process easy.

With the help of JD Donation Joomla module, donor just have to place the amount and click on donate. And he can pay directly that amount with PayPal. You can add this module on any page where you want to ask your visitor to donate for a cause.

This is an additional module just develop to add more value to your Joomla website. With the help of Donation graph, you can simply add graph and tell your visitors that your have spent this this amount on this this cause.
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News and articles page
Articles are displayed nicely and are customizable with Astroid Framework.
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Display the content and navigation overview at a glance with mega menu.
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Volunteer Showcase
Desire template lets you to create volunteer showcase on your NGO website. We have developed a special Joomla component to showcase your team on your website.
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Sneak peek at how the templates look like...
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Desire Joomla! Template
Desire Joomla! Template
Desire Joomla! Template
Desire Joomla! Template
Desire Joomla! Template
Desire Joomla! Template
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