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A one-page portfolio and resume template.
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Version 1.0.1
Compatibility Joomla 3.x, 4.x
Last update 19 July 2022
Framework Astroid
Views 3035

Key Features

Carrie is a one-page portfolio and resume template designed for photographer, designer, developer, creatives, artists, painter etc. It works beautifully across different screen sizes and customizable.
Responsive Layout
The template can run beautifully on most modern web browsers. It also runs smoothly across any screen sizes or devices.
Astroid Framework
Customize template layout and look with Astroid Framework, which makes it much faster and enhances its robust functioning, which brings easy customization.
Build and edit pages with EasyBuilder drag and drop interface. So it will be easy for you to edit or create new pages for your website.
Smooth Scrolling
Give a nice scrolling experience to your users with a Smooth Scrolling effect. No need to add any script, the feature comes with the template itself.
Multiple Header Styles
The resume Joomla template comes with multiple header layouts. You can switch between them any time you want. The sidebar header is the default header.
Dedicated Support
We're proud on our support team. If you are facing any issue with template, our technical team is there to help you out.
Astroid Makes it More Powerful
Carrie Joomla template is powered with Astoid Framework. It makes it more powerful and flexible. Astroid framework allows you to manage all your website settings from a single control panel.

You can change from the basic settings like preloader, back to top etc to advanced settings such as header layout management, layout management, Typography and color management etc.

The resume Joomla template comes with multiple header layouts and you can switch between them anytime to give a new and fresh experience to your users.
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Special EasyBuilder elements
Add flair to your page design with special EasyBuilder elements like the sliders.

You can create a new page or edit an existing page with just drag and drop the element. You don't need to learn coding to use the Carrie template.

  • Live preview to watch the changes without switching the windows
  • Advanced Elements to create a fully functional school website
  • Access to millions of Free Stock photos
  • Shape Dividers to create interactive designs
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Build the layout you want with EasyBuilder
Build the page as you envisioned with the built-in EasyBuilder - a powerful Joomla page builder which lets you create and edit the pages easily with the drag and drop interface.
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Create an Engaging Blog Page
Blogs are not only important for delivering the news about yourself but they also help you to increase the engagement and audience on your website.

It is a well-designed page for Joomla articles and blog components. In the past, people were focusing on selling services but now it has changed. Now, if you want to sell something to your customer, you need to educate them. So instead focusing on selling, you need to educate them.

With the help of blogs, you can easily deliver your content easily to your customer.
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Interactive Showcase of your Skills and Portfolio
When you are presenting yourself through your resume website, you need to be more creative. The one page Joomla template is designed with this creativity. With the help of this template, you can showcase your skills, your projects with a creative and interactive way.

Apart from your resume and services you offer, you can display the intro about you, your key clients and your stats with animated numbers and progress bars.
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Add Pricing Table to the Page
Pricing tables on your website helps your client to select appropriate plans as per their requirement without your involvement. This reduces your efforts as well.

Carrie Joomla template comes with a highly responsive pricing table section where you can create and display your service price and plans.
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Sneak peek at how the templates look like
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Carrie Joomla! Template
Carrie Joomla! Template
Carrie Joomla! Template
Carrie Joomla! Template
Carrie Joomla! Template
Carrie Joomla! Template
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