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Why hit people over the head with Price?

Being that Easy Social is new and full of little bugs and lack a lot of secondary plugins why charge people $149.00? Even if Easy Social is better most people are not going to want to spend another $149 for another Joomla Component! I know I am not... i just renewal my jomsocial subscription and the though of spending another $150 just don't make sense in the short term.

And while earlier jumpers may buy Easy Social the large number of Jomsocial users will seek some type of incentive or major discount in order to justify getting Easy Social. Especially if they can't use the module and plugins that they have purchased for Jomsocial. Just to get Jomsocial up to speed requires the average user to spend between $100 and $500.

So why not offer current Jomsocial Users with a active account a $49 special for a period of 3 months! That includes full access to all updates and patches for 1 Year. This way you will give them time to work with Easy Social and fully integrate it into their overall website or business. So when its time to renew their Subscription they would have already updated their secondary plugins, modules that works with Easy Social and moved their members over to Easy Social. And keep in mind Endusers hate switching system once they get use to the ins and out's of a community program.

But to try to hit people over the head right out of the box with a $149 price is crazy, or should I say no long term thinking is in play here! At the end of the day Price will always win! But if you can offer consumers a quality product to go with an reasonable price then you have a chance of becoming a Market Leader...

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