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Unfortunately, the page at http://nineinchbride.com/author-blog-commentary.html is still dog ugly. So my question remains: Is there any way to put an image beside the blog title 'AD HOC' so the blog itself looks like part of the rest of the site? I want to put an image such as the one which appears on all pages except the Home page. Whereas the image on the 'Download' page reads "Download,' on the blog page it would read 'Author's Blog' the name of which is 'AD HOC.'

Is this possible?

Also, I don't see any option for making a comment. From what I see in the 'Comments' settings, which I have not changed since installation, commenting should be 'on' and any visitor should be able to comment without registering or signing in. Am I wrong? Is there some other setting for this? Please explain why there is no way for a visitor to offer a comment.

The login button shown when you click on the lock icon / button on the right of the toolbar is light grey with white text and therefore very nearly invisible in every theme, while this button has black text in all of your front end demos for every theme. How do I change this button?

When the toolbar is set to text (no icons) the icons disappear all right, but no text appears in its place. Is this feature broken??

Finally, the star rating provided for each blog post shows text numerals associated with each star -- is there a way to get rid of these numbers?


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