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Hello Team,

I know this issue has been covered quite a bit and you are busy with EB5's recent release, but it is exactly the fact that EB5 was recently released that I will re-hash a number of questions that were addressed in the past years by StackIdeas with older versions of EB. Here is what I am looking to do with a fresh install of EB5 (EasyBlog is NOT currently installed on the site - this will be a magazine addition to an existing site). Perhaps there are new features in EB5 that make some of this possible.

To begin, I need to set up a blog with 4 different access levels:
-Admins (the content creators)
-Public (with certain access restrictions; see below)
-Registered (with same access restrictions as Public; people would register to pay for access and then be promoted to:
-Member (Full blog viewing access)

I am probably going to use PayPlans for membership management.

Old EasyBlog only offers to toggle viewing access between public and registered, and covers the ENTIRE blog post.

I was wondering if EB5 provides any of the following VIEW access restriction possibilities. Note that I am not trying to do all three at the same time. The three examples are independent and would be the three different ways I am thinking of setting this up:

Possibility 1) Allow introtext to be viewed by public but full blog post only by Members (NOT Registered; Members will have higher viewing access level than Registered).

Possibility 2) Allow public to view full blog posts but limit to, say, only 5 full article hits per month based on IP address. After 5 reads the entire blog is locked from that user unless he pays and becomes a Member.

Possibility 3) Blog frontpage with post intro snippets is freely accessible to Public, but the actual blog post itself is restricted to paid Members only.

You may think the Member group is not needed, but I would need a special Member group just for EasyBlog paid subscribers because the Registered group has free activity allowed on JReviews which we cannot restrict.

Sorry to bother you with this while you guys have so much on your plate, but I need to know if I can achieve one of the three possibilities with EB5. Thanks for your insights.
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