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One feature I would love to have with PayPlans and EasySocial is that you could create profile types with restriction to Paid levels but also that you can see a profile but not certain fields of that profile fields i f you dont have a special subscription type to see these EasySocial profile customized types...

For example you would not like the public or certain profile types to see certain profile fields if they are not subscriber of a certain paid Membership

You go to Joomla dashboard https://www.site.com/administrator/index.php?option=com_config for com_easysocial_configuration as you have now with Not set(Inherited), allowed, denied permissions like your ES example -> “Access Dashboard Area” you add a special control field for a new Easy Social “Access profile field” and then you can create certain Joomla (EasySocial) groups that could follow/allow Joomla access level permissions.

That mean you can create certain groups with permission that are only allowed to see certain customized/standard fields on different created EasySocial profiles.

Hope that explains what I mean. And then you can use PayPlans to set up that in conjunction with these profiles.
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