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Very important! list Messaging feature

Michael · ·
5:40 PM Sunday, 10 November 2013

Quick feature request.

I desire a list messaging feature added on and I think this will be beneficial to other users and enhance the desirability of the easysocial app.

To be precise, I would like users to be able to send messages within the sub lists they have created. E.g a created list of cricket players should be able to send messages within that list and only members of the list would get notifications or view the discussion. Therefore, they need not start off sending a message to one user and subsequently adding other users to that message.

However, this might not be a matter of priority or relevance to others, as such, I would appreciate it if this could be configured to suit my needs. Though I think it will help make the easysocial app a choice of builders as it will afford users some sort of group discussion mechanism where a chat app isn't available.

Back to the request. Could you please assist with this feature. At the moment you can only create a category of friends but can't communicate with just the people with a particular list. This is a central feature to the efficient working of my site pending the installation of a chat app. I would appreciate the configuration

Back end details provided.

Thank you
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