Please, extend your Verification system by adding the option existing Members to verify other Members (who eventually gain points or change their membership level).

As the admins can't be aware of existing social interactions outside of their online community and also verification by specific criteria could be a tedious and complicated task - the crowd-sourced verification seems a reliable, easy and elegant solution for verification in a niche communities (where online community reflect and extend real-life communities, where people already know each other - specific industry field, fan and business clubs, etc.).

For example - in a professional Dentists community, instead of Admins request for certificates and proof papers and examining them, newcomers are automatically assigned to a restricted Guest Profile and if at least two Regular Members recognize and verify them - they automatically become a Regular Members.


  • - make verification process crowd-sourced
  • - give power to members to shape their community
  • - offload and simplify task from the admins
  • - add a simple form of credibility among community members
  • - make community and interactions more reliable and rise the trust and connections between members

In the Ideal world it should have these options:
[Members Options ]

  • - Verification via verification button on member profiles
  • - Number of verifications near verification sign (or on mouse-over) and in the Verification section in user's profile
  • - Ability to add Comments while verifying. (These can be used as recommendation texts, verification notes, etc., visible on the "View Details" link on their profiles)
  • - Verifications can be edited or canceled by verifiers if they think they have verified a wrong member or change their opinion.
  • - Member notifications when they're verified by another member.

[ Admin Options ]

  • - Auto-approved Verifications, and Admin-approved Verifications
  • - Choose the Profile Types which members of which are able to verify.
  • - Choose the Profile Types, members of which should be verifiable by others.
  • - Verification cancellation: Should members be able to cancel their verifications
  • - Verification threshold for members of a Profile Types. This is the threshold limit of verifications count after which a member will be marked as "Verified". (Different limits can be set for different Profile Types)
  • - Verification type for members of a Profile Types (auto-approved or admin-approved).
  • - Set a point assignment or auto profile change on verification or at reaching different thresholds !!!

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