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Hi guys,


I'm trying to resolve an issue where my menus on the Vanilla Sidebar aren't behaving as expected.
As you can see from my screen capture, the main Masquerading Menu appears, but the sub-menu has two chevrons. You cannot access the sub-menus form here as they are not expanding when you click on them.

It looks messy too, as I cannot see how to set the sub-menus to be static and appear under their main menus.

I have checked this out on our LIVE site and you can't access the sub-menus there :( but they do look cleaner, with a nice down-arrow appearing, even if it's useless and it won't expand anything.

We haven't made any changes to the menus in 6 months and due to personal circumstances we haven't touched the site in quite some time, so this may be something to do with template changes that you are aware of, but we need to know how to resolve it on the DEV and LIVE site, so I can apply the changes to our other sites.

On the main/Live site I have noticed that there are two menus on the vanilla side bar that are ours.
One perfect one at the top of the screen and one dodgy one at the bottom. The one at the bottom is the one I need to remove but I can’t seem to switch it off and the one at the top which is perfect but I need to hide all the other menu options that are linked to easy social.
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