Black Friday Special
Just having a little confusion reconfiguring the Komento comments and subscriptions.

- we upgraded about a month ago to 3.05 (to 3.08) today.
- we can not seem to allow users to "subscribe" (follow through email notifications) to comments on a Joomla article (ie. allow them to follow the comments) without actually posting a comment themselves. I thought this was allow at one point, but I noticed that once we upgraded to 3.05+, this is no longer the case? or is there a switch I need to enable?

- Notification Recipients - if the author and "subscribers" are turned I need to client on user groups up "New Comments"? I want the manager to be notified, but I haven't clicked on any other user groups? ie. the subscribers to the specific article will still get notifications on posting of a new comment? correct?


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