I would like to request two features for EasyArticles that I think would be excellent for it!

1. Usernames for authors.

Right now, if someone writes an article, the back-end options are to either completely hide the author, or display their full name. If it was possible to have a back-end option for EasyArticles to use their usernames instead, that'd be awesome.

2. Self-publishing and self-management.

Right now, it's possible to allow front-end users to post articles. However, there's a few holes in what's allowed. For example: the only options are allowing users to publish, or making them wait for us to approve their articles. The former is not ideal, as it allows any user to unpublish any article (even articles written by superusers or admins!), while the latter is also not ideal as it ties up admin resources on going through and approving their work. Additionally, when we approve the work as an admin, it does not create a stream item in EasySocial, so their articles aren't as noticeable. Similarly, they don't appear to be able to delete their own articles (as with the publishing option, if we gave them the ability to delete their own articles, they would then be able to delete anyone else's articles).

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