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Usability at EasySocial

Manuel Müller · ·
8:50 PM Wednesday, 13 November 2013

If we talk about a community, we are always talking about usability. Without a easy and logical usability, no shared content - no active users.
After spending some hours with EasySocial I had a split opinion over "ES", the one is that this could be the best Joomla component I ever have seen or worked with, the other opinion was that I could not use it at my websites like it is now.

But I don`t wanna give it up now, because I see this high potential in it.

So I will give you this three screenshots, where I make notes how a user can get frustrated by misunderstanding EasySocial. I don`t say that this will happen to all users and I don`t wanna say it is all wrong about the construction, but I wanna tell you my experience in working with Communities and Joomla for long time.

I will invite you to discuss that or ask things, because I´am sure Stackideas is a company which is listen to his customers.

The attachments:

01. EasySocial - the connect page - > this is the main community page by defult
02. EasySocial - at a users-page - > this is a user-page (linked from connect page sidebar)
03. EasySocial - the "other mainpage" - the dashboard - > this is the dashboard, you will get there if you click the home button at the toolbar

Let me say one more time: I have the full respect for the great work from Stackideas!

Kindest regards
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