EasySocial has a feature allowing users to upload their video file.
However, this is restricted to those whose server includes FFMpeg Library.
In addition, hosting videos are very expensive because it consumes a lot of bandwidth.

To overcome this problem, and thus allow us all to enable the uploading of video files directly from our sites, I suggest that Stackideas integrate the YouTube Data API in EasySocial.


Indeed, YouTube offers a series of APIs. And there is one that allows to decentralize the uploading of videos.

We find some examples of integration with Wordpress and Joomla.
Here's an interesting Joomla extension :

And a script that Stackideas could inspire :

With a similar integration, concretely :

  • the user will upload his video file directly to the EasySocial website
  • the file will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel
  • YouTube will process the video
  • and EasySocial retrieves the link from the YouTube video and publishes it on your site

Your server does not need to be powerful and to have the FFMpeg Library.
Playing videos does not consume the bandwidth of your server.
Users don't not need to have or create a YouTube account, because the videos are directly upload to your YouTube channel.

We will save a lot of money and we will offer great functionality for our users :
upload video files without leaving Joomla and EasySocial !

I hope many of us want this feature. Because it would be really great !
The examples show that this is possible.
I'm sure Stackideas would succeed.

What do you think ?

Thank you,

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