I am running ConverseKit 1.0.10 on my production site. I tried to upgrade that site to ConverseKit 1.1.1 but had layout problems with my template so had to recover back to version 1.0.10.

I created a copy of my site and installed version 1.1.1 so you can see how the front page layout changed with the installation of the new ConverseKit.

Here is my production site: https://www.drcarney.com (using ConverseKit 1.0.10)

Here is the test site: http://drc.cloudaccess.host (Using ConverseKit 1.1.1)

Scroll down on the homepage to see the green background over some of the module positions that should not be there.

The Joomla login and password is the same for both sites.

I will put the ftp instructions below just for the test site since you have my regular ftp access in my Site Details.

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