Hello KL,

Yesterday we bought PayPlans and have this morning upgraded our PayPlans in a test on one of our development sites.

We go this error:

Table 'main1_dev2.#__pf_membership_subscription' doesn't exist. We don't use Project Fork any more, it was removed for long time, so I don't understand why this error is coming up in the upgrade.

...and it removed what i have marked in the attached screenshot.

Before we upgrade PayPlans at our live site I would very much like Stack Ideas support to have a look on it

Admin URL is: https://gogreen-portals.com/dev2/administrator/
Username and password is the same as you have for our live site.

We are using Fastspring as our payment gateway and have developed a Fastspring plugin, which you maybe can use at Stack Ideas as one of your plugins.

There have gone a lot of configuration and setup to our Fastspring and PayPlans which I really hope we can reuse in our upgraded version of PayPlans.

Please make sure that you only use DEV2, lour development site for this, up to we know that the upgraded PayPlans is working. We don't want any problems at our live site, where we are running several campaigns.

Thank you,

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Support is

It is currently off working hours and most of us aren't around.

Rest assured that we will get back to your issues as soon as the day starts tomorrow!

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