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This is written for easyblogs documentation but I suspect it applies tot he Komento version.

Your documentation is out of date and has some issues, not all of us are programmers :D so i will outline what I have found here including things to make the documentation bettter:

  • add an image of an example push notifiction from easyblog and komento (and any variants) so people know what should happen.
  • perhaps a short video on what should happen
  • add a note that things like 'Security Badger' and 'U-Block Origin' will stop this working
  • the documentation (and tooltips) need to actually describe in more detail what push notifications do and what they are used for.
  • link to this firefox article which explains things well: FireFox Web Push Article
  • the workflow of the article no longer matches up with the creation process at OneSignal.
  • you need to use an example all the way through so people know what they should call their app or descriptions they should use.
  • You need to identify to the blog administrators what messages are actually pushed rather than leaving it to us to guess.
  • add a note at the bottom to say easyblog and komento are compatable with all of the other technologies OneSignal offers but you need to configure them so they work
  • add a note on how to configure the manifest.json file what you can change and what you cannot. ie: You need to put a note to say not to change the gcm_sender_id as it is a OneSignal signal rather than a reference id for the easyblog app and that the line below is just advising you not to change it. You shouild also add a example of the manifest filled in with some demo data, or maybe link the stackideas one.

  • The only reference to the gcm_sender_id should be left alone I found is here. You will also notice the line "gcm_sender_id_comment": "Do not change the GCM Sender ID" is removed. infact in the demo code that is downloaded there are only 2 lines.

    "gcm_sender_id": "482941778795",
    "gcm_sender_id_comment": "Do not change the GCM Sender ID"

    so is ok to remove "gcm_sender_id_comment": "Do not change the GCM Sender ID" ? and you just need the line "gcm_sender_id": "482941778795",

  • what is the gcm_sender_id?

  • your example manifest code your article does not not match up with the manifest.json code in OneSignal-Web-SDK-HTTPS-Integration-Files

  • Your article

    "name": "",
    "short_name": "yoursite",
    "start_url": "/",
    "display": "standalone",
    "gcm_sender_id": "482941778795",
    "DO_NOT_CHANGE_GCM_SENDER_ID": "Do not change the GCM Sender ID"

    manifest.json from

    "gcm_sender_id": "482941778795",
    "gcm_sender_id_comment": "Do not change the GCM Sender ID"

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