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This is a heartfelt and urgent request. I'm running classes in this forum, and the biggest problem with navigation is that it's not possible to jump to the unread replies in a post.

The notifications options are only useful if there is only one new reply to a post. I often have multiple new replies added, which means I miss the earlier replies trying to navigate to them.

I've moved over from PhpBB and a VERY IMPORTANT feature they have is within each post thread, you could click a button to jump to the FIRST unread reply in any post. This allows you to read the replies in chronological order, and also makes sure you don't miss any replies to a thread.

Could you please implement this feature in EasyDiscuss?

And along with that — if there were some way to highlight posts with unread replies in the category/forum list view (as PhpBB does), that would also make things easier. That way, you can see that a discussion has new replies, click the discussion title, and then immediatley jump to the first unread reply.

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