Hi SI Team

I have activated the Social Media Icons Module from the Vanilla template.
The best place I can find for it is in the one of the bottom positions eg bottom 01, bottom 02 bottom 03.
The thing is that the alignment is always off.
eg in bottom 01 the icons are squished up against the left hand edge of the bottom section.
In bottom 01, bottom 02,bottom 03 the icons are not aligned horizontally with my legal menu in bottom 04.
Please NOTE that what ever happens I need my legal menu to stay exactly where it is.

Any way can you kindly provide me with some code that will help me customise the exact position of my social items.

Move item in bottom module position
X amount of pixels horizontal
Y amount of pixels vertical
Add a custom color

The easiest way to see this is to go here:
And scroll down….

hope this makes sense



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