Quick thanks to Raymond for addressing an item in my previous post regarding timelapse

After implementing the code provided to display a Timelapse (5 hours ago) instead of a Timestamp (June 15, 2017) I ran into a bit of an issue with one of the modules not displaying the correct post time.

With hopes of painting a clear picture of the problem, I have attached a screenshot with Figures A-C along with some notes.

Basically, the time shown for Latest Replies doesn't display its own time, instead, it appears to be showing the time the topic was started. So, if a topic was published 3 days ago and I replied to it 5 minutes ago today, the timelapse would show my my response in the latest response module as 3 days ago instead of 5 minutes ago. I hope this makes sense.

The original timestamp code in mod_easydiscuss_recentreplies is

<?php echo JText::sprintf('MOD_EASYDISCUSS_RECENT_REPLIES_POSTED_ON', ED::date($post->created)->format(ED::config()->get

('layout_dateformat'))); ?>

The timelapse code I was provided was:

<?php echo ED::date()->toLapsed($post->modified); ?>

Hopefully this info is enough and is helpful in a solution.

Thank you very much for your time and for your amazing support so far, you guys have an amazing team and an amazing product I will definitely continue supporting.

Kind Regards,
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