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Again if this should be in feature request then please move

I think i saw an earlier post possibly regarding this, and that if im right the response was that changing it would make the template complicated.

However whilst i think the dark mode is a great idea, the balance to find a font color that works well in both is very very limited. And in fact if someone has vision issues then the fact you cant have a strong contrasting colour means the user wont stay around.

For example, most use a middle of the road grey because that will appear on the white and also the dark background.

However i found the grey was too light on the white so darkened a little, Great but then you cant see the menu option in dark mode.

I understand in part that things can get too complicated, i used to use warp framework and that was too many options, but the possibility to set a dark mode list of text colours and light mode colours would make the whole template more usuable

So that really leaves one option. To be accessible to all is too disable one of the main templates feature, surely it is feasible to add an advanced section to the ultimate framework so that these options could be set.

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