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  Support is online
Due to the recent spike in abuse of our support and people abusing our subscription extensively, we have finally decided to enforce all our support and services to your supported domain only.

These would be some of the questions that you might have in mind which I will try to address them below:

What will happen if I install it on a non supported domain?
The product will still work as usual as guaranteed and licensed under the GPL license. The only difference is that:

1. You will not be able to obtain latest version information from our services.

2. You will not be able to utilize the auto updater.

3. You will not be able to send your GIF images for resizing (EasySocial Only)

4. You will also not be able to download languages through our services.

Aren't your products open source?
Yep, definitely! All our php codes are 100% open source and licensed under the GPL license. When you purchase a subscription, you are purchasing the rights to use the software for as long as you want and we are not taking away your rights from using the software. There are no restrictions imposed to your usage of the software

Along with your purchase, you also get 12 months of premium support and updates to the software. The software by default also includes the ability to ping our services to obtain:

1. Latest version details

2. Download languages through our language services

3. Utilizing our image compression service to compress GIF images (EasySocial Only)

4. Using the automated updater.

What will happen to my site?
If you have not added your domain to your license, you will need to add your domain to your license at

If your domain is added in your license, everything will work as usual and you will not feel any difference at all on the site.

If your domain is not listed in your license, you will no longer be able to utilize our services which we provide including version information, automated updater, app store (EasySocial only) and language services.

Why are we implementing this?
1. Our support has been abused extensively where a customer purchase a license and then request for tons of support. Later on, they decided to e-mail to us requesting to change their supported domain and then post a ton of other questions. These questions are not bug related but they are mainly template / plugin / modules conflicts with several different template that they use across all their sites.

2. It is no longer feasible for us to help you fix all your domain issues when you are only paying for a single domain support. You are making money by building website for others and paying a little more to get more support doesn't cost you that much.

3. Our services are hit really hard every second and we needed a better, faster server to respond to your sites. These are also additional costs incurred for us.

I have assigned a development domain, can I change it later?
Yep, by all means you are allowed to install it on a development site and request us to update the licensed domain if we do not detect it as an abuse.

I have shared your files to free download sites, why do you revoke my license?
By all means, you have every single right to redistribute the PHP portion of the codes. We are not taking your rights away but you have however violated our terms of use, and licensing as outlined on the following links:

We have the rights to revoke your license or ban your account based on the terms and policy set above.

Thanks for understanding. If you have any questions or inquiries, please post them below.

Please do take some time to read through our documentation,
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