Hi guys,

I write this as a tip for you/Stackideas and in particular EasySocial Plugin.

I think that most business use the plugin in a way different from the way is designed a social network.

It would be very useful (for us and for you) to see the different ways of Easy Social Uses.

It would give an incredible value to the plugin itself.

For example, I use EasySocial for:

> Coaching Services... I saved 15-20.000 € and 12-18 months (in that months I couldn't run my business) compared to a proprietary software.

I and my team communicate with customer in fitness coaching services, utilizing group chat and private group.

> Work efficiency and organization... I saved 200-300 €/months compared to - for example - Twist (wonderful software).

We have a division of content editor, and we work as in "peer review publication". While we use cloud based software for editing (e.g. Google Drive), we have to coordinate all the activity and schedule deadlines.

Private group are great for that.


Just a tip for you.

I admire literally your continuous work.

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