hi Mark Lee :)

I love stackideas products and service and know how entire stackideas team work hard to give top notch product and service to their customers.
But now in smartphone world everyone is using mobile devices that have apps to access their favorite content. people don't like first open browser, then type url and then type username, password :(

Stackideas in house mobile template already doing a great job :) what additional we need a just web view app for android and ios that:

1. Remember the username and password of user(No need to login again and again)
2. Push notifications when some events happened, To engage the users.
3. one preload image that appear when user click links or page inside app tell something is happening behind the scene so please wait :)
4. customize able splash screen and side menu that administrator customize according to his/her need.

with all above feature resultant app would be
1. lite, not heavy like native apps because based on web views.
2. ES Version Proof (No need to develop new app every time new version of ES come out )
3. Easy to maintain.
4.Web template code reuse.

There are already lots of javascript framework like reactnative that use just use html and javascript skills to develop the both android and ios app with single code base.
stackideas can hire some remote developers for this and Stackideas team already have brilliant javascript developers too ;)

i would like to buy the android and ios app for ES from stackideas team rather than third party developers like appcarvers becuase stackideas team always delivered the top notch service and products to their customers and far better than any joomla company in world :)

Others stackideas members if you are agree please vote this feature as much you can and share your's feed back too :)

This is my humble request to stackideas team please please develop in house mobile app for easysocial others wise our communities websites will loose the competition in mobile app age.

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