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Hi we are working on a new site http://travsport.vgwebb.se/ We add the domain as: https://solvalla.se When it,s done.

We want to do two special things. Any tip how to solve this should be grate...

On the startpage http://travsport.vgwebb.se/ we have your module. See: Kommande event - 3 post.
Here we wont to change the order from rising to falling. It´s a calender first in first out.
Here we work that Create date is "happening" day and we work with finish day. (Day after)
On this module we want to show next upcoming event.

See image: dump01
Any tips how to solve this?
Next thing is to get the same category in swap order. I see we can have a different view on a category but not to change the order.

The category is: http://travsport.vgwebb.se/aktuellt/nyhetskategori/travtavlingar
see image dump02.

See image: dump02
Any tip hove to solve this ?

We know that EasyBlog does not have that feature. But it would be great if you could give us some tips on how to solve this.

Would like a solution that means that the solution will not be lost when we update EasyBlog.

Hope to get some tips on your way. :p
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