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Some questions to my first blog

Martin Kares · ·
2:58 AM Thursday, 23 June 2022
Hi, I have recently installed your component. Looks nice but some things are unclear for me on my first blogpost for test:


1. Where can I set individuel META Title and Description for my blogpost. I asked the sales before and they say its possible but I cant find it when I want to edit my post

2. Why do I have to set a fixed font size on text blogs or alert boxes. Wouldnt it be more logical to have the choice to delete it and use the CSS defaults of the website to have everything in the same fonts? Like that I have to add custom css to let it fit to my site.

3. Im missing the possibility to use <h>-Tags e.g. in Alert Boxes. I also dont understand why in accordion addon the headings are all set to <h2>. What if I dont want it? I dont want to set them to <h2>

4. I also miss the possibility to add spaces to my rows - everything looks too near together - how can I add spaces?

5. When I want to drag and drop a block I often dont anderstand where I have to drop it - its a bit confusing or I dont understand it. Is there an explaination video for this?

6. Here I have a 3 column layout:


When I switch the category to


I dont have that layout any more and also the article view looks diffrent to the site before. Can you tell me where I can setup layout for subcategories?

Alltogether a solid system you have built up - looks like good work but a lot of improvements seem to be made. I needed over one hour to build this blog post up - thats too long - hope some problems can be clarified.

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