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I'm looking to create a share-this or add-this type sharing icon for our social community built with EasySocial.

I'm just starting this front of the battle in make our community the best one in it's theme.

Do you have any suggestions on how to go about this ?

In a nutshell, I would like visitors to be able to add our community's social sharing icons as a service among others like FB, TW, LI, PI ...

Thanks ahead for any suggestions/help
Danny Malouin
BeNu Web
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Arlex Wong replied on Wednesday, August 03 2016, 06:17 PM
Accepted Answer
hey Danny,

I am sorry for the delay of this reply,

Actually based on what my colleague said is true in previous reply, currently we do not have this Easysocial share button available. :( Because we haven't start to implement this yet, this have to build an API so that other site can put the Easysocial share button script code in their page to generate the share button, so that when the user click on the share button, it will connect to Easysocial and share the content on Easysocial wall.

To be honestly, implement this is can't be done in 1 day, we have to think is there a easy way to provide everyone easy to generate Easysocial share button on their site and we have to build our own API for this in order to make this happen.

I will show you some example how we use Facebook API to generate Facebook share button on Easyblog page.

This following is the code what we call their API and link to our Easyblog post URL and the rest of the data, something is not just using 1 share URL then can make this work, hope you can understand regarding this situation. :(

var hasFBSDK,
parseXFBML = function() {

// Collect all the FB like calls first

parseXFBMLTask = setTimeout(function(){

// Then finally parse it.
try {
} catch(e) {};

}, 1000);

$.bookmarklet.facebook = function(options) {

var node = this[0];
var parent = node.parentNode;
var button = document.createElement('fb:like');
var trackFB = function() {
if (options.tracking) {
window.FB.Event.subscribe('edge.create', function(targetUrl) {
_gaq.push(['_trackSocial', 'facebook', 'like', targetUrl]);

window.FB.Event.subscribe('edge.remove', function(targetUrl) {
_gaq.push(['_trackSocial', 'facebook', 'unlike', targetUrl]);

window.FB.Event.subscribe('message.send', function(targetUrl) {
_gaq.push(['_trackSocial', 'facebook', 'send', targetUrl]);

var layout = options.size == 'large' ? 'box_count' : 'button_count';

"class": "fb-like",
"data-href": options.url,
"data-send": options.send,
"data-layout": layout,
"data-action": options.verb,
"data-locale": options.locale,
"data-colorscheme": options.theme,
"data-show-faces": false

parent.insertBefore(button, node);

// If FBSDK isn't loaded, load it,
// the social buttons will be parsed by itself.
if (!window.FB) {

if (!document.getElementById("fb-root")) {
$("<div id='fb-root'></div>").prependTo("body");

var jssdk = document.getElementById("facebook-jssdk");

if (!jssdk) {

var head = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0],
script = document.createElement("script");

head.appendChild(script); = "facebook-jssdk";
script.src = "//" + options.locale + "/all.js#xfbml=1";

// Has JSSDK, but no XFBML support.
} else if (!FBInited) {

if (!/xfbml/.test(jssdk.src)) {

var _fbAsyncInit = window.fbAsyncInit;

window.fbAsyncInit = function(){

if ($.isFunction(_fbAsyncInit)) _fbAsyncInit();


FBInited = true;

// If FBSDK is already loaded
} else {


return node;

By the way, I saw our app store page have similar this feature as what you want to achieve, perhaps you can take a look of this app and see is it can achieve as what you expect?
You might want to check these cool stuff : || || || || ||

Demo site :
App Store :
Changelog :
Support Policy :
Feature Request :
Documentation :

You can also contact us via our helpdesk if you would like to require for some customisation or sales question.

Best Regards

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