Small CSS error on home page

Hi there,

There is a small difference between the CSS codes for the various preset styles, which has quite a significant impact on the look of the home page. The effect is that preset1 homepage looks the same as the demo/samples images but preset 2, 3 and 4 do not.
I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I would have assumed that the only difference between presets are the color's used, not a different layout.

The difference is found on line 44 on the presets files found in templates/office/css/presets:

Line 44 of preset1.css:

#sp-topesbar-wrap {
background-color: #31517b;

Line 44 of preset2.css, preset 3.css and preset4.css:

#es .es-login-box {
background-color: #2bb673;

Notice the extra #es .es-login-box...this has the impact of changing the lower half of the login page from white (preset 1) to the preset theme color (preset 2,3,4)

Its easy enough to change as its a simple error on the template, i just want to make you aware so that it can be correct on the next release of the template.

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