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I recently updated to the new Easyblog and the side menu is a definite improvement. Looks great on your EasyBlog Update video but doesn't work so well on my site at present. Note - I have temporarily disabled all html overrides on the test site so these shouldn't affect how things work.

1. Currently, the menu only offers 4 options both for admins and regular users, it seems to be missing all the other options and the Manage button doesn't work. See attached image.

2. The menu slide doesn't work well with my existing template (an old Joomlaart template) - I added some css to hide the header when the menu slides in but this doesn't look very smooth when I slide out. (the menu and search rows don't disappear with the other rows in the menu bar). Is there an easy way to fix?
I added some CSS to hide the header when the menu slides in: .mm-wrapper_opening #t3-header {display: none}
Note also - there are a bunch of JS errors when I look in Google Console, think these may be causing the issue.

3. Also, is there an easy way to change the search bar to search Easyblog pages? This would be very helpful. As it stands, it seems to just search functions in the menu.

Thanks for your help with this.
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