Hi SI Team

I just beginning to get my head around the new custom field options in Joomla:


“Many people will use fields for articles, but fields are also available for users and contact forms. I suspect many component developers will also start to integrate fields.”

Off the top of my head one cool use of fields for me would be to expand the description capabilities of some of your components. e.g. If I wanted to enter links in a video description in Easy Social?

Here is a list of the available fields.


So for e.g.:

#4. Editor

This is a fully-fledged editor box, exactly as you would see when writing an article:

I know that you guys attempt to keep things as “Easy” as possible.
And that is of course a great thing.
But would this not be a great way of keeping things easy...
And opening up the door to people who want/need just a little more functionality?

Can I use these in SI products (if yes which ones) as of now or are there plans to integrate them?

Please feel free to move this to feature requests if appropriate.

all the best


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