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lph220 · ·
3:56 AM Sunday, 17 October 2021

I found in /models/blog.php that the getBlogComment function has a query to retrieve comment and tried to add the following but it does not have effect.

Can you help me with the syntax please?

if ($lite) {
$query = 'SELECT a.* FROM `#__easyblog_comment` a';
$query .= ' LEFT JOIN #__users AS c ON a.`created_by` = c.`id`';
$query .= ' WHERE a.`post_id` = '.$db->Quote($id);
$query .= ' AND a.`published` = 1';
$query .= ' AND a.' . $db->quoteName('created') . ' >= DATE_SUB(' . $db->Quote($now) . ', INTERVAL 6 DAY)';

Kind regards,

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