Komento 3.1.2, EasyBlog 5.2.7 and EasyArticles 1.1.3 Released
I just updated from Komento 2.x to 3.x and I´m REALLY missing the old way comments where shown in the admin pannel. With version 3.x you only show a subset of the content and cut most of the stuff. Its not easy any longer to get an good overview about the comments and find the **** one you wish to remove.

So please restore the old behavior here and show more characters and do a line break if needed but do not cut off the content after so less words like you do currently in Komento 3.x

I will attach two screenshots one from Komento 2.x and the later one from Komento 3.x

So please restore the old behavior!!!

The best option would be to allow the user to define the chars he would see. So you could start with a default value and if the user need 600 char instead of 20 then he could quickly adjust that in the setup.
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