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Setup questions.

Hi! I am trying to setup the Echo template on EasySocial2 but I have some questions:

1) I have published the modules mentioned in your module position page(http://echo.stackideas.com/documentation/module-position) but there are some other extra module that seem to be unnecessary(like extra menu modules, multiple login modules etc.). Do I need to publish these modules in order for my page to work correctly?

2) I am trying to remove the pages category from advanced search(check attachment picture) but I just can't seem to find the way to do it.

3) I would also like how to remove application's box from the page(check second attachment picture). Before EasySocial2 I could do that by manipulating the themes from the back-end, but now that doesn't seem to be possible. Is this a personal bug, or is that feature removed in EasySocial2?

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