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Hi guys,

I have a scenario and would like to have some tips/info about how to do this in the best way with ES/Joomla and its ACL system too?

1. I want to create different ES user profile groups and have a standard one with all settings that I also can duplicate/copy easy from ES backend and then after doing a master copy rename that user profile group and adjust all ACL for that new ES user profile group. So this maybe is a new ES feature that should work like that?

You will earn a lot of time when you can create a duplicated user profile group and then just rename it and adjust settings for just that new ES user group profile.

How do you do best/fast duplicate an ES user profile group ?

2. I want certain Joomla groups (ACL) to just be allowed/have the right to see certain %, or certain (custom) fields of a user profile groups/ ES fields like users contact info etc so I can control that certain Joomla user groups can only see certain ES user profile groups and/or certain ES user profile groups fields.

How do structure/do this best and pls give some suggestions/instructions?


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