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dear support i have enabled sef on my easydiscuss and easysocial.. as profile i use the easydiscuss section of profiles
my problem is when sef is enabled and i click a profile the link shows the id of easysocial profile plus the name and the like http://domain.com/62-admin.... is there a way to hide the numbers of the ids?

The same happens in the easydiscuss post links http://domain.com/κεντρική-forum/46584-prosthios-epixeilios-plakoyntas.
How can i rid off the id number <<46584>>?

I enabled Unicode characters and new posts have links in Greek but old ones don't
example<<<prosthios-epixeilios-plakoyntas>>> is in latin not Greek.

fist of all

[ 1) i want the id numbers to disappear in profiles and posts...if its possible.Joomla 3 has an option to hide the ids from articles is there a hack to override them too somehow? if not i can live with it ]

[And 2) a way to delete and recreate all the post aliases]

there should be a way to do it within a database command right? something like UPDATE 'jos_discuss_posts`
SET `alias=replace(replace(lower (`title`),' ','-'),"'",'')
i don't know the right syntax i added it as an example so you can understand what i want..


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