Routing issue from toolbar

i try to establish a menu link in the toolbar! So far so good. The menu item appears, and it's linked. But after clicking on it it says a 404.
i figured out, that i have to write an adapter for Routing. #so i did that. At least two functions are necessary. build and parse.
The "build" function works fine and the URL is translated in a search friendly term. But clicking on it gives me a 404. I think by clicking the link, the "parse" function is called. Am i right? But how does the System find the right adapter for that link? However the System has to retranslate the sef URL to a System one or not? where is this done?
E.g. you have http://blablabla/community/freunde (which means friends in german) has to be retranslated in something with friends or not?

Thanks in advance


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