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Rereplacers in Easyblog AMP Pages

Hey guys,

We use your Easyblog plugin with all of our clients for their blogging needs, which the ability to get AMP versions of blog pages comes attached with.

This is great, especially for SEO purposes with Google, however we've run into a snag with the AMP pages.

We use a plugin called Rereplacers, made by Regular Labs, on all of our sites to replace for things like a company's name and phonenumber across the site, including blog posts. This is has worked great until the integration of AMP pages.

AMP pages, by their nature, strip out non-Google scripts, which means that that our Rereplacers don't work on them. This means that every blog post we push out through your component, which is then made into an AMP page comes out with some pretty ugly looking rereplacers in it.

I know it's a longshot, but would there any way for you to get rereplacers working on an AMP page? I can provide login credentials for a site if you think it's possible or something worth taking a look at.

- Richard

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