Komento 3.1.2, EasyBlog 5.2.7 and EasyArticles 1.1.3 Released

Request For Feedback


multiple charges on one order.


Multiple comment system not working

Facebook link issue

can I change out EasyArticles for EasyBlogs

Easyblog formatting in EasySocial

Tag cloud problem

New Capability inviting non-members to join and claim 'pages', '...

Event View Overrides

Problems with encoding videos

There is no panel menu configuration on my easyarticle after inst...

Where is the setting to change maximum photo upload size?

Value of setting Akismet and CleanTalk to default application in ...

Another users are posting with my name

Fix for kunena profiles

Spam message

Couple of questions in relation to Groups & Pay Plans!

Must have apps & discount in combination with payment gateway?

Messed up my Registration form with multiple profiles!

ES 2.2.2 / 2.2.3 GDPR Download Zip Button Missing

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