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Quix/Easyblog Interface

Matt Binz · ·
4:28 AM Thursday, 14 March 2019
I am having trouble in the interface between Quix and Easyblog on my joomla site This may be an easyblog or a Quix issue so I am posting this question in both support dashboards. I am creating my basic blog post content in Quix because it has the design features I want. I create the cover image and intro snippet paragraph in Easyblog so it will show up on our blog homepage and in the easyblog control panel for scheduling. I can insert the Quix template into the easyblog post as shown on this image: The problem is that when the post is published the alignment and paragraph spacing is all off. I then have to set my Quix text block margins at -80 (top) and -19 (left) in order for the gap between the intro easyblog paragraph and the quix content to even be close to matching. Even so, there is a gap. In addition, after I clear my joomla and browser cache the appearance often reverts to the original gap which is huge. I have a real problem getting my settings that are saved in Quix to stay fixed inside of easyblog, even when I repaste the quix template identifier inside the easyblog post and resave it.

Here is another example. I set and saved the quix template for the iphone so that the quix text block was set at line height of 1.5. . This is how it looks in quix after being saved: Here is what it looks like on the actual blog (after saving, clearing the joomla and browser cache, and resaving the template identifier inside of easyblog): So, the quix settings are not carrying over to the actual blog.

I need some resolution for this interface because I am wasting an excessive amount of time tweeking, adjusting, resaving, clearing cache, refreshing, etc to get the post to look OK each day. (not to mention how it undoes itself when I refresh the page later.). Please help.
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