public function getSelectPermalink($xhtml = true, $raw = false)
$url = 'index.php?option=com_payplans&task=plan.subscribe&plan_id=' . $this->getId() . '&tmpl=component';

This code snippet, from includes/plan/plan.php in the administrator side. This is what creates the URL for the subscribe button. I notice that this is one of a number of places that you don't call getExcludeTplQuery() to exclude full screen if the user doesn't want it.

And then in redirectToCheckout() you do it again (includes/registration/abstract.php)

In my particular case, the offending line is in /components/com_payplans/controllers/checkout.php (front end), line 288. I note that you hardcode tmpl=component here, too, and don't call into the code that takes this off if the config specifies no full page (the getExcludeTplQuery() function).

return $this->redirectToView('checkout', '', 'invoice_key=' . $invoiceKey . '&tmpl=component');

In the workflow where someone picks a plan and then sees the checkout page with the "create an account" output, it appears as if they've left the site. I'd very much like to have this render in the normal way and not use full screen.

Clearly you intend to let the user configure this (turn off full screen) but you don't respect that in all places.

Can we get calls into getExcludeTplQuery() in the proper places, please?

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