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problem with typo in vanilla template

Macjoomla · ·
11:55 PM Saturday, 04 May 2019
Hello SI Support,

i have a problem with typo in vanilla template. I changed h1 and h2 in backend typo preferences and expected to have this font in frontend as Headlines, but there is no effect even with less compiling on.

Unfortunately after some playing around with changing fonts, saving, cache cleaning and looking in frontend, it happens, that all pop ups are empty and i even can't choose a font. I can update font list, but it does not change, that i can't change and can't choose an font in any popup.

Now, if i install Vanilla template again, it works for a while until i make use of it again for, say 10 times saving this page and changing the fonts…. This wouldn't be a big deal, but after, i have to fix the vanilla registration buttons again to be aligned in one line, as you helped me in another post…

Thank you and best regards, Macjoomla
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