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Problem with setting discounts

Julie Kubiak · ·
4:23 PM Wednesday, 13 October 2021

I am trying to create a 'First 1,000 users free' discount and I'm getting an error at payment saying 'Insufficient amount' after using the coupon code and completing the registration. I assumed it was because the amount was 100% discount and it was trying to ask for payment and it hit an error, so I ditched that idea.

I next tried to create 3 x 'First 1,000 users free' per base plan plans, and restrict the number of users registered to 2, so I can test what happens to the plan at the front end when the targets are met. Yet again, I'm having problems as I have been able to create 4!!

I'm in a real mess with this and cannot seem to get it set up correctly.

My aim is to have a discount code for free initial creation of their account, for lifetime free membership, for each of the 3 base user plans.
Could you take a look at my DEV.Masquerading.Global site and see where I'm going wrong.
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